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Dave Matthews Band - "Crash Live" Compilation... A "Remastered" Podcast Partnership Release!

Updated: Feb 2

This compilation is the result of a collaborative effort between Xcacel and djamieb from and Matt & Shawn (from The Pod that Jane Likes) & their new spin-off podcast "Remastered"!

The Project Backstory: When Matt and Shawn asked us if we wanted to make a "Crash Live" remastered compilation, we have been very excited. "Crash" is an absolute masterpiece, so finding the right version for each one of the album tracks has been a lot of fun.

A first tracklist was lay-downed, but unfortunately, we couldn't get good results from some of the sources. I made a list of possible alternative from previous remasters and we have chosen together the best compromise by performance and audio quality.

We have used various type of sources, mainly tapes, pre-FM SBDs and SBDs.

I have asked Jamie if he could help me with 7.24.2004, and he did a great work with the tape by Chris Drews (a great tape which deserves a full remaster - coming soon).

We hope that you will enjoy the final results and we recommend to listen to the podcast episode linked below, before or after the compilation. You will find more insights about those particular versions. Mastering Notes: Tracks from previous remasters have been reprocessed in order to make them more consistent in terms of gain and EQ.

In the remaining tracks (3,4,8,12), we applied corrective dynamic EQ, a gentle mid-side compression, and stereo spread when needed. Track 10 was not mastered.

Track 2 required some extra work, since it is a matrix of the tape by Jon Ice (thanks Jon) and the YouTube video circulating. I hope that this amazing version of Two Step will be officially released, one day, but in the meantime...

"Crash Live" Download Link:

"Remastered" Podcast:


Dave Matthews Band

Crash Live

(a "Remastered" compilation)

Source: various

Mastering: Xcacel

Track Selections and Compiling: Matt, Shawn & Xcacel

Artwork: DMB Society

02 Two Step (4.21.2002, Le Centre Molson, Montreal, QC, CAN)

03 Crash Into Me (9.18.2000, Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO)

04 Too Much (7.24.2004 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, Charlotte, NC)

08 Let You Down (06.20.97 Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC)

10 Cry Freedom (11.03.2010 - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Uniondale, NY)

12 Proudest Monkey (07.12.2023 - Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion - Gilford, NH)



Track 01 and Track 09: SBD

Track 02 Tape by: Jon Ice / YouTube video by Copperpot (matrix)

Track 03 IEM

Track 04 Tape by: Chris Drews

Track 05 and Track 06 SXM

Track 07 pre-FM SBD

Track 08 Tape (Unknown)

Track 10 Tape by: Scott Brown

Track 11 pre-FM SBD

Track 12 Tape by: John Gortakowski


All tracks mastered by Xcacel except track 04, 05 and 06, mastered by djamieb, and track 10 (not mastered)

Thanks to:

The tapers (Jon Ice, Chris Drews, Scott Brown and John Gortakowski) for letting us use their tapes.

Full remasters:

Links to some of the full shows included in this compilation:

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