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Dave Matthews Band - July 25, 2001 - AmSouth Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN

"This an absolutely legendary show that doesn't get talked about near enough. Make sure you check out #41 and Bartender from that show. Jeff and Roi sound amazing on the double saxophone outro on Bartender. It's unequivocally one of the best versions of Bartender the band has every performed".

Read about the show here


Dave Matthews Band - SPAC Saratoga Springs, NY, July 29, 2002

In what is likely known by many as the first truly great touring season of the new millennium, 2002 boasts a plethora of selections to choose from when revisiting a landmark era for the Dave Matthews Band.

This show was selected by our members and was fully remastered by djiamieb.

Read about the show here

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