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ABOUT THIS WEBSITE is in no way affiliated with Dave Matthews Band, their record label or their management. It is independently operated by volunteers, and is a not-for-profit organization.


Are these downloads legal?

Absolutely! All downloadable songs on our website are legal, in conformity to DMB management polices.
No officially released material is available on For all official releases check out the dmb official store.

How do I download the files?

Each remaster has a downloading link.
All remasters are hosted on 
Shows are available in MP3 format (320 kbps) and Lossless format (WAV or ALAC: Apple Lossless).

How do I listen to the shows?

  • You can download the files and add them to iTunes or other players. ALAC files can be directly imported in iTunes.
  • You can also use the MEGA mobile app to stream audio files on your device directly from your MEGA account. Once the app in installed, simply tap the download and the play back will start automatically.

What kind of sources do you use?

Uploaded music is freely available on the web, in conformity to DMB management polices. Most sources are taper recordings (AUDs) or early SBDs. Some recent sources include FM broadcasts, webcasts, YouTube videos, various type of streaming. All the original recordings that are remastered are freely available on dedicated platforms such as

What's the difference between a remaster and the original source?

Some of the shows posted in this website have a video link that will allow you to compare the original sound quality with the remaster quality. With the right tools and ears for mastering, these shows can be cleaned up and improved to sound more clear, punchy and immersive. But these are just descriptions, of course; our advice is to simply go and listen to enjoy the difference!

What's your process for remastering these shows?

We use Logic Pro X with a wide-ranging series of high end tools and plugins that are suitable for each individual tape we work on. In general, our process is to clean up any harsh, muddy, or resonant frequencies using dynamic EQ, then we add compression (if needed), saturation, sweetening EQ, stereo spread (if needed), and tasteful limiting to make the volume competitive while still remaining nice and dynamic. Each tape requires a different touch, and some shows require more processing than others, but that's the basic starting point of how we achieve these excellent results.
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