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Dave Matthews Band - Trax, Charlottesville, VA - 1993.01.26

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The Moment:

The show is one of the latest Griesar's shows. He left the band 2 months after this date. Also, this is the last show with DMB playing People People.

As some of you might now, Capshaw owned Trax in 1993, and at that time, DMB Tuesdays at Trax became very popular. In fact DMB signed with Capshaw as the band manager few days after this gig, in February 1993.


The 01/26/93 version of People People is known as one of the best around, mainly for the clean piano intro of Griesar and for the great solo of Roi in the second part. An absolute jam of a track that, according to the almanac, is the #1 in the liberation list, not being played for almost 30 years. As the almanac explains, since the song was co-written by Peter Griesar and is based around his playing, People People has not been played since he left the band in 1993.

The second part of the show has the participation of Kristin Asbury, a semi-unknown 90's musician.

Random Thoughts:

- I think that those 300 people at Trax, that night, have been extremely lucky.

- Roi's solo in People People...whoa!

- It is incredible how good Boyd sounds in Nancies... The final solo is great. So sad to observe the descent of this musician from the stars to the abyss.

- Halloween at that time was much slower than today.

- Chack out the segue Minarets > Blue Water (an extra long 12 min version of Blue Water).

The Remaster:

Audio of the SBD was stunning. In the remaster, I have tried to enhance the good things, there was nothing wrong to hide. The band delivered an amazing performance, that night.

Video: comparison of original vs remaster

Link for the remaster:

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