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Dave Matthews Band - Mission Park, Williams College, Williamstown, MA - December 11, 1993

Updated: May 31, 2023

This show has been requested by Rcampbell1979:

Quote: I have a suggestion for your consideration of an SBD to remaster. Williamstown- 1993.12.11. It has some unique performances with Route 2 and an early say goodbye (with a great Boyd contribution) and it’s a nice show overall.

I have used the Soundboard source converted by Bill Lakenan. Since the source was good, the mastering was enjoyable.

I have used Neutron for basic EQ sub-correction, then Ozone 10 for most of the processing (EQ and widener). Waves C4 (multiband compression) and F6 (dynamic EQ) helped me to shape the sound the way I liked. Finally, I gave a touch of glue compression with Waves SSL G-master Buss Compressor.

I loved to listen to this show when I was working on it. Thanks a lot, Rcampbell1979, this is a true gem. Hearing Dave introducing Say Goodbye saying "this tune is a little bit new" gave me chills. Also, I did't know Route 2, and that was a great surprise.

This is what the Almanac says about this unique tune:

Quote: This song was played once in 1993 completely impromptu due to the fact that the band got lost getting to the venue and showed up late to the gig (the notes on the tape say that there was a snowstorm in the area). As a result, they made up this song on the spot in order to check their sound system. The chord rhythms, vocals, and song structure seem very similar to the song known as 'Proudest Monkey' and so theory has it that 'Proudest Monkey' (which didn't appear until a year later in 1994) is an evolution of this song.

Link for the remaster:

Dave Matthews Band

December 11, 1993

Mission Park, Williamstown, MA

Route 2 »

One Sweet World

Tripping Billies

The Song That Jane Likes



Dancing Nancies

Help Myself

Lie in Our Graves

Say Goodbye


Ants Marching


All Along the Watchtower

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