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About Us

Our goal with DMB Remasters is to bring new life to recordings of beloved Dave Matthews Band live shows.

We carefully remaster these audience tapes in a tasteful way to elevate the listening experience and bring you closer to the music. Each tape is worked on individually and thoughtfully in order to minimize harsh and muddy frequencies, enhance the clarity and punch of the music, and create the ideal stereo spread so the music is as immersive as possible. Keep in mind, these tapes are simply stereo files, so they can only be taken so far, but we work hard to improve the tapes as much as possible during the mastering process.  

We do this for the fans in the
 DMB community because we're passionate about the music, and this is a fun way for us to be able to give back to the incredible community of people who love DMB's music as much as we do!

We began remastering tapes in 2021, and will continue to bring new recordings to life through this process, so bookmark the site and check back often!

- Xcacel and djamieb
Image by Dylan McLeod
Image by Brian Breeden


We're happy to offer this free service to the DMB community as a passion project, and we aren't asking for any financial assistance at all.
In lieu of a monthly fee or donations to this site, if you're appreciative of what we do, we've listed a few charity organizations below that are near and dear to our heart. No pressure, of course; we just want to make the option available to donate to these charities if you're so inclined!
Help children living in conflict and war zones.
Doctors Without Borders teams deliver emergency medical aid to people in crisis.
Help research  to discover treatments and the cure for Progeria.
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