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Dave Matthews Band - August 5, 2004 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH

This show was recommended by Scott R, and then voted from our fellow users in our poll: Which show should we remaster next? ep.03.

These is the original comment about the show from Scott:

One of the best sounding audience tapes from 2004. Great versions of all of ‘04 songs, particularly Sugar Will. Also excellent versions of Typical, Lover Lay Down, and The Stone. A BOWA opener to set the tone, and a rare I’ll Back You Up midset equals perfection!

The AUD was provided by Jon Ice: thanks Jon for providing this recording and letting us remaster it. A real gentleman.

I personally love 2004: perfect blend between classic DMB and new tunes that debuted in that time frame, like Sugar Will, Hello Again and Crazy Easy.

Remastering notes: I have tried to maintain the original sound of the AUD, without altering it too much. Crowd noise is always a factor when reworking an AUD, so adjustments were made in order to maintain it relatively low, but at the same increase a bit the dynamic of this recording.

For tech nerds, in the txt file enclosed you will find a detailed list of processing applied during the recasting phase.


Dave Matthews Band


Riverbend Music Center

Cincinnati, OH

Source: AUD

Taper: Jon Ice

Mastering: Xcacel

The Best of What's Around


When the World Ends

The Song That Jane Likes »

Sugar Will

I'll Back You Up

So Much to Say » Anyone Seen the Bridge »

Too Much

Typical Situation

Hello Again

Crazy Easy

Lie in Our Graves

Lover Lay Down



The Stone


Crash Into Me

Stay (Wasting Time)

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