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Which show should we remaster next? (ep.03)

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Here we are, offering another selection of shows to choose from for our next remaster. Some have been selected though the dedicated form, others were recommended on Antsmarching org

We have checked all the recommendations, and made some decisions based on audio quality, thinking of what could be a possible result (we have no magic wand).

So these are our choices:



Dave Matthews Band

July 16, 2002

Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ

(Scott Brown's source)

This show was requested by scottbtdmb on our "New Remasters" thread on

Hoping you guys will eventually go back and do more from this year (the 7/16/02 Scott Brown recording comes to mind, but I know there are several others that are great too!).

Cry Freedom [tease]

The Stone


You Never Know

Grey Street

What Would You Say

Kit Kat Jam

Fool to Think

When the World Ends

Bartender »

Grace Is Gone

One Sweet World


Loving Wings »

Where Are You Going

All Along the Watchtower



Two Step



Dave Matthews Band

November 10, 2015

O2 Apollo Manchester, Manchester, ENG

(Noam Yemini's source)

This show was requested by Gary:

Manchester Apollo UK. Dave opening the show with a solo acoustic of sugar Will

Sugar Will

The Stone

Belly Belly Nice


You Might Die Trying

Death on the High Seas


Black and Blue Bird

Funny the Way It Is

Lover Lay Down

Tripping Billies


The Best of What's Around

The Space Between

Kill the Preacher

Why I Am

Grey Street



Don't Drink the Water



Dave Matthews Band

August 5, 2004

Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH

(Jon Ice's source)

This was requested by Scott R

One of the best sounding audience tapes from 2004. Great versions of all of ‘04 songs, particularly Sugar Will. Also excellent versions of Typical, Lover Lay Down, and The Stone. A BOWA opener to set the tone, and a rare I’ll Back You Up midset equals perfection!

The Best of What's Around


When the World Ends

The Song That Jane Likes »

Sugar Will

I'll Back You Up

So Much to Say »

Anyone Seen the Bridge »

Too Much

Typical Situation

Hello Again

Crazy Easy

Lie in Our Graves

Lover Lay Down



The Stone


Crash Into Me

Stay (Wasting Time)


You can vote through the form below. Poll will close on Tuesday, June 13.

Which show should we remaster next?

  • 0%07.16.2002

  • 0%11.10.2015

  • 0%08.05.2004

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03 lug 2023

Any update for our next Remaster? 😃 Can't wait for this one!

Mi piace
05 lug 2023
Risposta a

Hey Ian! We both have been quite busy (traveling) let’s see this weekend

Mi piace

From what we've heard so far, people often think you have a magic wand.

Another tough decision.

From the set list, '02 and '15 appeal to me the most. At 04 the best quality is to be expected and Sugar wants and a fantastic opener...

I'm 02 :-)

Mi piace
13 giu 2023
Risposta a

I love that show too. Maybe we’ll try both 02 and 04

Mi piace

11 giu 2023

That’s a tough call between 02 and 04 😬

Mi piace
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