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Which show should we remaster next? (ep.02)

Updated: Jun 9

These three shows have been selected for our next remaster:



Dave Matthews Band

December 7, 1993

Trax, Charlottesville, VA

(DSBD source)

Classic show, with Tim Reynolds guesting.

Drive In Drive Out

I'll Back You Up

Tripping Billies

One Sweet World

The Song That Jane Likes

Help Myself


Dancing Nancies


Say Goodbye

Ants Marching

Jimi Thing


Two Step




Dave Matthews Band

July 29, 2002

Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

Edit: (Eric Naylor's AUD source)

Check out the reviews of this show that were posted on Here is one of them:

Here's your review from 3rd row, stage left. INCREDIBLE. My 3rd show this week, and this may be a bold statement, but it may be the best DMB show I've been to. I've been to 13 now, and this one just hit the spot. Great setlist, tons of energy right out of the gate. PIG sounded good, WAREHOUSE was sick. Loved the wooooo's, and Fonzi and Carter got into the whole "pumping fists" thingy. GREY ST. was awesome, and you see where I'm going. The 3 HIGHLIGHTS of the night: 1)Gotta love the #41. Man, what an awesome version. Butch's solo with the Sojourn of Arjuna in there was incredible. I think Dave was shocked to hear this. He looked over as if to say "wow" to Butch. 2)DANCING NANCIES solo to open the encore! Saw it coming with the teases in previous shows, but as a solo encore?! What a treat...and 3)You gotta love it when the crowd influences a change in the setlist. For the encore, the boys were ready to play everyday. Dave had started strumming the first few chords when the crowd erupted into a TWO STEP chant that was reminiscent of something you hear at a Yankees game(i.e. "Bernie clap-clap. Bernie clap-clap"). Dave looked over at Boyd, and boom they went right into it. Amazing. The sound was deafening inside when TWO STEP started. Anyway, an incredible night with TONS of energy. Great setlist, and the crowd was awesome. Thanks again DMB, you've left me wanting to go to more concerts! GORGE, here I come... Matt A.



Grey Street

Proudest Monkey »


Don't Drink the Water

One Sweet World

If I Had It All

Kit Kat Jam


I Did It


Loving Wings »

Where Are You Going

So Right

Ants Marching


Dancing Nancies

Everyday [tease]

Two Step



Dave Matthews Band

June 23, 2006

Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA

(Sirius broadcast source)

Broadcasted on SiriusXM a couple of years ago.

Check out the reviews of this show that were posted on Here is one of them:

This was my second show of the year. It was a really deep set list......Dreaming Tree was DEAD ON - it sounded perfect. Dancing Nancies was equally impressive. Shotgun and Break Free sound great live, but Can't Stop was even more incredible. I was really feeling What You Are, but got Don't Drink the Water instead. The intro to that song really got everyone in the mood. Pig was also dead on, you could tell Dave was really into it. The encore was unbelievable - JTR right into Ants Marching. My only real complaint about the concert was the sound...It didn't seem loud enough to me. I am used to going to the amphitheatre at Darien Lake and perhaps that is just seemed like a lot of the sound got taken out of the open arena. Other than that, just an awesome awesome show... Joe M.

The Best of What's Around


Say Goodbye

Don't Drink the Water

Hunger for the Great Light



Dancing Nancies »


The Dreaming Tree

Stay (Wasting Time)

Break Free

Can't Stop »



Louisiana Bayou



Ants Marching


You can vote through the form below. Poll will close on Friday, May, 19.

Which show should we remaster next?

  • 0%1993.12.07

  • 0%2002.07.29

  • 0%2006.06.23


Poll is closed. The show that was chosen and remastered is 2002.07.29, which is available here.

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