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News from DMB Remasters

Hey y’all! 

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is doing well and having a great start to 2024! To kick the year off right, we have some exciting news to share with you that we think you’ll be stoked about! 

When the DMBRemaster project was launched in May of 2023, the main idea was to have a nicer catalog of the remasters which were already done, and to make them more visible to the DMB Community outside of and TDC.

In the 8 months since we got this project off the ground, we have released 10 new remasters of single shows, along with the compilation "Best of Summer 2023 Tour”. We've noticed a steady increase of interest from people who visit the site, comment on our Ants thread, engage with us on Instagram, and share their appreciation for our work. It’s been really gratifying and we truly appreciate the words of encouragement we’ve received from the community! 

We love what we're doing, and recently discussed ideas about how we can pick this thing up a notch and introduce some enhancements to our project for the fanbase. We have a couple cool updates for you!

1) We have a new crew member! Our friend Matt (a.k.a. DMB41GUY on Ants) has joined the DMBRemasters team in the last few months! He has amazing editing skills, and has helped us to eliminate some of the audio issues (such as clicks, pops, skips, glitches, etc.) that are present in some of the sources we are using for our remasters. We deeply appreciate his talent and his work; he's already been a great addition to the team!

2) As some of you might have already guessed from the IG posts, we are starting a collaboration with Matt and Shawn, two of the great hosts from The Pod that Jane Likes! Matt and Shawn will soon launch a spin-off podcast named “Remastered", which will be dedicated to walking fans through our remasters! We’re so excited to share some of the cool projects that we have in the pipeline and we’re looking forward to the partnership! They will deep-dive into a couple of our upcoming remasters, and we will also be collaborating together in the selection of some special shows and compilations.

If you want to know more about this project, listen to this excerpt from the last episode of "he Pod that Jane Likes", where Matt and Shawn describe this exciting project.

3) Lastly, we are going to be sharing some juicy new audio starting next week that will keep you company during these winter months. If you’ve noticed that we have slowed our projects down a bit recently, it's because we have increased the level of detail and attention in our work (and also because we have been quite busy during Christmas time). ;) 

We hope you’ll enjoy the result of our growing efforts and keep listening to what we’re putting out there! We’d love to hear from you and will continue to take feedback about what you enjoy, show requests, and any ideas you have for the project so we can keep moving in the right direction. Thanks for being here!!

- Xcacel and djamieb

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