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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Jorgensen Center for the Perform. Arts, Storrs, CT - February 6, 1999

Updated: May 31, 2023

This show has been requested by Jack on TDC. His advice was to use this particular AUD tape:

Quote: The stack tape for 2/6/99: The Heally tape! He had it like one inch off the stage stack. iirc it was his first time taping and the dude hit a walk off grand slam to the frustration of many. His tape was so good that Travitz never even bothered to release his.

This show was on Saturday, the night after Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT, which I have processed few days ago. Two great nights, for sure.

The crowd was quite noisy, so much that Dave gets upset a little but (for example after Crush), and Dave was still a bit sick, like the night before.

Again, I started from Mike Heally's tape (Stage left stack second row). I have used Ozone 10 for most of the processing (EQ and widener). Waves C4 (multiband compression) and F6 (dynamic EQ) were used in a very mild way to make the sound a bit warmer. No further compression was applied.

Some tunes were processed with RX9, in order to remove some crowd shouts etc.. Unfortunately I couldn't remove them all.

Link for the remaster:

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

February 6, 1999

Dave and Tim

Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, Storrs, CT

Tripping Billies

One Sweet World

Crush [aborted]

Lie in Our Graves

So Much to Say

If I Had a Boat

Whipping Post [tease]


Bartender »

Don't Drink the Water

Jimi Thing »

What Will Become of Me »

Pantala Naga Pampa

Proudest Monkey »



Crash Into Me

Two Step

Cry Freedom

Say Goodbye

The Stone

To Touch Yearning

Dancing Nancies


Pay for What You Get

What Would You Say

All Along the Watchtower

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