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Dave Matthews Band - Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA - August 31, 2000

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Many of you were asking for this. And here it is...

This is by far the matrix that gave me the hardest time. I have blended Henry Hart's tape (thanks, Henry!) with the SBD that came out years after. I spoke to Henry, and he remembers that particular show well:

Quote: Source Info: Earthworks SR71 > MP-2 > DA-P1 Location: center orchestra section, row 6, 2 aisle seats on the left I wrote the songs on the DAT tape sleeve during the show in red Pilot pen

Henry's tape was the audio for Copperpot pro-video until the sbd source leaked.

The mastering:

That "new" source was .... mono, my friends, and I had to use Ozone 10 magic power to convert it to stereo. I left the lower frequencies narrowed, and then I did a lot of work to sync the two sources who had different lengths and different tempos. It was a nightmare.

You can notice some noise that comes from the tape, between the tracks, I couldn't fix it completely, even with RX9 noise fixing tools.

Link for the remaster:

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