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Dave Matthews Band - Soldier Field Chicago, IL - July 6 and 7, 2001

Updated: May 31, 2023

This show needs no introduction, as it is considered one of the 2001 top shows. What I have used for the remaster is the FM broadcast, which contains songs of each of the two nights.

I have done some mixing first, since I wanted to get rid of the radio speaker, so I did. Then, I have worked on balance, EQ, dynamics, punch, using mostly Ozone 10.

Note:For the ones that want to hear the whole show, I have reworked the pre-FM source also, creating mixing it with Jon Ice's AUD tape. This was done just trying to the get the best possible result, but I didn't go to far with that. Too much crowd noise, and somehow the pre-FM wasn't as good as the radio source. You'll find the matrix on a separate folder, but before make sure to listen to the FM broadcast remaster, which is on another level.

Link for the remaster:

Dave Matthews Band

July 6, 7, 2001

Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Grey Street

One Sweet World

When The World Ends

What You Are


Angel (Feat. The Lovely Ladies And Buddy Guy)


I Did It (Feat. The Lovely Ladies)

Satellite (Feat. Angelique Kidjo)

Everyday (Feat. The Lovely Ladies)


The Space Between (Feat. The Lovely Ladies)

Stay (Wasting Time) (Feat. The Lovely Ladies)

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