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Dave Matthews Band - Soldier Field, Chicago, IL - June 30, 2000

Updated: May 6, 2023

If you have a look to the list of remastered shows below, you'll realize that I am a big fan of summer 2000. After a long winter at Haunted Hollow (and who knows what really happened there), the band is back on stage with great energy. The Soldier field show is one among many outstanding gigs that populate that summer. Al Green was guesting for "Take Me to the River", which was played twice that night.

Roi really shines on One Sweet World intro, but my favorite is his solo in Jimi Thing, which is pure bliss. Also, great performances of Rhyme and Reason and Sweet up and Down (with Butch Taylor).

I tried to handle this show last June, at the very beginning of my remaster project, but I wasn't skilled enough at that time to get a good result. This time, I think I did a better job, and I really enjoyed it today, when I was checking the result with different headphones.

The show was available for download at concertvault, about 10 years ago, but I don't think they even bothered to master it. I don't think I am doing anything wrong sharing this upgrade with you people, and I hope you'll like it.


Dave Matthews Band

June 30, 2000

Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Tripping Billies

One Sweet World

So Much to Say

Rhyme & Reason

Jimi Thing


Crash into Me

Grey Street



Take Me to the River

Stay (Wasting Time)

Long Black Veil


Sweet Up and Down

Too Much


Take Me to the River

Grace Is Gone

Ants Marching

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