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Dave Matthews Band - September 1, 2023 - The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA

Updated: Sep 9


There's a sample of “American Baby Intro” (ABI) from the original broadcast and a sample of my mastered version in the SAMPLES folder, just so you can hear the difference between the original broadcast and the mastered version side by side. I’m thrilled with how this master turned out!


There's a folder called ARTWORK with the cover art that my friend Xcacel created!

Remastering Notes:

The Sirius stream was very nicely mixed and well balanced, so it was great to have such a nice starting point to work from. I love the improvement in this master - especially in the fullness of the low end frequencies and the stereo expansion from working in mid/side mode. I think everything feels crystal clear, yet warm and punchy; I’m very happy with how it all sounds! In the mastering process, I applied a bit of corrective dynamic EQ, resonance taming at a granular level, very light glue compression, sweetening EQ, mild saturation, stereo spread enhancement, and a bit of gentle limiting (just enough to address any big transients that were poking through). Excited to hear your thoughts!

Big Thanks:

* Xcacel for doing the splitting / tagging to free me up so I could spend all my time on the mastering itself. And thank you for creating the excellent artwork, my brother!

* Modern Man for capturing the Sirius stream and sending the highest resolution files you had to me. Much appreciated!

Personal Note: I was at this show - my first trip to the Gorge(!) and a 20+ year dream of mine - and the moment they started playing American Baby Intro on N1, my heart caught in my throat; looking out over the unbelievable scenery and finally hearing my favorite band playing at the most beautiful venue I've ever seen was truly magic. The whole trip, and all 3 stellar concerts, made it one of the best weekends of my life! I got to spend the entire trip with my great buddy Xcacel, and we made tons of awesome memories while driving to/from Seattle, camping, jamming out in the pit, and meeting awesome new friends, including several terrific folks from Ants (Miller9, Toy Soldier, DMB41Guy to name a few). An experience I'll never forget!

~ Jamie (djamieb)


Dave Matthews Band

September 1, 2023

The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA

Source: Sirius Stream

Mastering: Jamie (djamieb)

American Baby Intro

Break Free

Cry Freedom

Madman's Eyes [fake] » Minarets

Virginia in the Rain

Walk Around the Moon

It Could Happen

Lie in Our Graves


So Damn Lucky

Seek Up


Stay or Leave

Typical Situation

Tripping Billies


Ants Marching


Little Red Bird

Pig »


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