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Dave Matthews Band - Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV - May 19, 1995

Updated: May 6, 2023

This show has been in my library for a while, and it was already sounding quite good. Don't know which source it was, but I imagine it was a SBD. After the remaster, I think those 7 songs sound excellent. Let me know your thoughts.


Dave Matthews Band

May 19, 1995

Opener for Grateful Dead

Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV

Seek Up

Dancing Nancies

Satellite »

Minarets »

Typical Situation

Say Goodbye


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Spencer Doezema
Spencer Doezema
29 thg 8, 2023

This sounds leaps and bounds beyond any copy I’ve heard. Stereo sound with Boyd in left and Leroi in the right channel. All crisp perfectly balanced. This more than likely came from the Grateful Dead’s soundboard which is surprising because all of the remasters from the GD sets sound like crap compared to these. Well done on the remaster!

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