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Dave Matthews Band - Salem College, Winstone Salem, NC - April 2, 1993

This show was requested by SPAC_Boy. And it was a great choice:

Quote: Originally Posted by SPAC_Boy I just need to come back to this 1994 Fox show…an early show like this is absolute why this band rose to the national scene so soon and my God, Boyd was a huge factor. Boyd is all over this show and miss him playing and rocking out like this.

The source that I have used for the remaster is the Soundboard taped by Rick "SickRick" Stern, who's also in the show, since Carter dedicated Halloween to him. This is Rick's description on how he made this tape:

Quote: Originally Posted by Rick Stern Salem College is an all-girl school in Winston Salem. I got a call from Carter about 4 that afternoon telling me they were coming into town. They had a local sound company come in and do the PA, Jeff was on FOH. Probably about 50 or so people there. I ran a matrix from my AT-813's and a stereo feed from the board, thru my Yamaha MM10 Portable Mixer. Mainly board, very little room, very clean mix. This was in the cafeteria of the school. NO ONE (including the band) has this, there was a DAT in the FOH rack but Jeff didn't bother to roll it. This is hot DMB, when they were NOBODIES and had no idea they were going to break. They're just a hungry young band, trying to make it out of Charlottesville. The "Rick" that Carter is dedicating Halloween to is ME!

So, we got an excellent show, with an excellent source. I won't put the video with the comparison, this time, but what I did here was to get a more punching sound, rebalance the stereo image, some glue compression, and other stuff. After all of that, I have removed the hum between the song with different render cycles of iZotope RX9. I am sure that many of you will love this particular show, let me know what your thoughts are.

Link for the remaster:

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