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Dave Matthews Band - Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT - July 26, 2002

Updated: May 6, 2023

This is a great show requested by KevinTH

Quote: Originally Posted by KevinTH Do you take requests??? If so… I was actually thinking about this: The radio broadcast of 7/26/02 is a delightful show but lacks a fuller sound and even at full volume can be quiet. Not much bass to that show.

Video: comparison of original vs remaster

Link for the remaster:

Dave Matthews Band

July 26, 2002 Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT

Don't Drink the Water

Grey Street

Stay or Leave [tease]

You Never Know


One Sweet World

I Did It

Proudest Monkey »


Kit Kat Jam

Lover Lay Down »

The Stone

#41 »


Dancing Nancies [tease] »

Where Are You Going

Dancing Nancies [tease] »


Two Step



What You Are

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Frank Romeo
Frank Romeo
24 มิ.ย. 2566
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I was in the pit this night. Thanks for stirring up an awesome memory and a great night. The mix sounds amazing! Every track fucking grooves (even I did it!). I still can't believe only a nancies tease !!! the crown was begging !!! For me, this was a time when the band was at its absolute finest.

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