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Dave Matthews Band - June 24, 2022 - Ruoff Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Updated: Nov 9

This show was recommended in our contact form by Tyler ( @hensleytyler726 on twitter):

"This show was the first show without Tim since 2008 (due to covid). Despite Tim's absence, this show was incredible. Pig Opener & tour debut kicked off the night leading into amazing guest spots for Preservation Hall to bring the energy and shine on: Jimi Thing, That Girl is You, What Would You Say, Can't Stop, Joe Avery's Blues & Ants Marching. Because of Tim's absence, Buddy did some great fill-in's for jams that are unique to this show. I doubt the band will ever release this show because of Tim's sickness but it deserves the DMBremasters treatment!".

Thanks Tyler, for making me rediscover that show, which was a pleasant surprise to me, and it is full of great performances.

Remastering notes:

I have used the Sirius XM stream, which was processed with Ozone 10 (EQ, stereo image), Waves C4 Multiband Processor (at higher frequencies), and Shadow Hills Class A compressor in midsize mode (just some gentle compression). Crowd noise has been slightly lowered between tracks, because it was too loud in the original source. I've tried to maintain the original dynamics, but have an open and warm sound. It sounds quite good to me, I hope you'll enjoy it too.

Note: the final part of the show (and the encore) has a lower quality, as you can clearly notice. This is an issue with the original source which was impossible to fix. Fortunately, the midrun with Bèla and the Tones has a much better quality.


Dave Matthews Band

June 24, 2022

Ruoff Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Source: SXM Stream

Mastering: Xcacel

Splitting: Fission by Rogue Amoeba

MP3 Conversion: xACT



Walk Around the Moon

Break Free

Jimi Thing

That Girl Is You

What Would You Say

Grey Street

Grace Is Gone

Tripping Billies

You & Me

Dancing Nancies »


Where Are You Going


Lie in Our Graves

Can't Stop

Joe Avery's Blues »

Ants Marching



You Might Die Trying

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