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Dave Matthews Band - Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA - December 30, 1995

Updated: May 3, 2023

This show has been requested by Jack on TDC.

It is the night before the New Year's Eve show that I have remastered few weeks ago. This show was also broadcasted on FM radio.

This is what the almanac says:

Quote: The "pre-FM" source that is in circulation was released through digital retailers in non-US countries as Take These Chances: The 1995 Hampton, Virginia Broadcast on November 29, 2019. By the end of December, the release was no longer available and was therefore likely unauthorized. We have decided not to count this as an official release.

Also, this shows was probably the first appearance of the ”Warehouse” stop time intro (the almanac guys can correct me here):

Quote: The ”Warehouse” stop time intro that was debuted and played occasionally on the 1995 tour, made an appearance on December 30th during night one at the Hampton Coliseum. Another highlight from that same evening, guest Bruce Hornsby on the keyboard for the closing song “All Along the Watchtower”


Remastering Notes:

My idea was to use the same setting of the 12.31 show, which came out so well. But it didn't work exactly like that.

Audio was unbalanced in the stream. But the things is, it wasn't unbalanced in a coherent way. To make it more clear, in #41, Proudest Monkey and Satellite, it was like if a 4 years kid was playing with the pan, moving it center and right in a random way. I could easily hear it, but when I looked at the vectorscope, it was definitely off!

Rebalancing wasn't easy and, since this panning wasn't constant, I am not sure I could really fix all of it. I think the mixing engineer was also working on separate channel, for drums, guitar, etecetera, while now in post-processing I can only work on the master channel. Working with pan [I]along the tracks[/I] is something that I had never done before, and I have decided to use Fonz's bass as a needle, trying to keep that central in the mix. Carter's snares were usually a but off on the right, but that was quite minimal, and I thought it was a good compromise.

To give you an idea, this is that the automation panel looked like after the re-balancing (the cyan curve on the right panel is the amount of rotation that I had applied to make the sound more neutral, mostly moving audio from the right to the left, with Waves S1. The vectorscope on the left shows the resulting output):

Then I have applied some EQ (Ozone 10 and Waves F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ), worked on dynamics (Waves C4 Multiband Processor, Waves SSL G-master Buss Compressor), and loudness (Waves L2 limiter).

Finally, I noticed some hum between tracks, which I removed with AI (iZotope RX-9).

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