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Dave Matthews Band - Gorge Amphitheatre - George, WA - September 1, 2012

Updated: May 31, 2023

This show has been requested by scottbtdmb:

Quote: I know people typically hate the 2012 DMB era stuff, but there is also no Live Trax recordings from that year, and it is poorly represented in a nice soundboard/audience matrix of the Gorge show may fit the bill nicely. Obviously, you probably have a lot of other requests, and would want to focus on older shows for now, but perhaps down the road that 2012-09-01 show may be a consideration to satisfy an underrepresented year as far as soundboards and/or official releases goes...

I have used that broadcast source I had, which was actually mono. I have converted to stereo with Ozone 9, then I have used Ozone 10 for most of the processing (EQ and widener). Final touches were a glue compression with Waves SSL G-master Buss Compressor, and limiting with Waves L2 limiter.

Link for the remaster:

Dave Matthews Band

September 1, 2012

The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA


The Stone

Squirm »

Alligator Pie



Mercy »

Out of My Hands

Lying in the Hands of God

Dancing Nancies »


Crash Into Me

Jimi Thing


Time Bomb »

Two Step


Some Devil

Ants Marching

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