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Dave Matthews Band - Giants Stadium - E. Rutherford, NJ - May 25, 1999

This show was requested by Soups on TDC

The Mastering

This show is available in two versions:

- In the SBD version, if have processed the unknown soundboard that is circulating, which has a number of issues. The biggest issues are a cut at the end of Graves (basically the reprise is gone) and another cut at the end of JTR. Some tunes (Billies, for example), are clipped, so, I have tried to unclip them with iZotope RX9. This software cannot restore the missing info, of course, but it can round a bit the shape of the clipped waves. I've also removed hum and clicks, which were noticeable between songs. For mastering, I have worked on widening, multi-band compression, dynamic EQ.

- After that, considering all the cuts, I have attempted to matrix the remastered version with an audience tape, but there was none circulating. So, in order to restore the missing parts and to give a better live feeling to the remaster, I have used the audio from a Copperpot video, which is basically a camcorder Hi8 audio (filmed by Jared Kanter).

In terms of audio quality, the two tracks that are cut in the sbd show a big loss of quality, but at least you can listen to the whole song.

The choice of which one to download/listen is up to you.

Video: comparison of the two originals vs the new remaster

Link for the remaster:

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