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Dave Matthews Band, Flood Zone, Richmond, VA, March 24, 1993

Updated: May 6

This is a remaster of the new DSBD source to circulation as of fall 2022. Bill Lakenan provided and allowed us to review for sources that didn't make it into the digital age. A special thanks to Rob (from DMBalmanac) and Henry Hart for the amazing work in making these new source available to the community.

In the mastering process, I have worked mainly on EQ and compression.

There are some main issues that I couldn't fix:

* - four quick static pops at the beginning of Tripping Billies

* - a quick static pop near the end of the solo section in Lie in Our Graves

* - a split-second dropout near the end of The Maker

* - five split-second dropouts during the outro of Dancing Nancies


Dave Matthews Band

March 24, 1993

Flood Zone

Richmond, VA

Tripping Billies

Help Myself


Seek Up

Rhyme & Reason


The Song That Jane Likes

True Reflections

Improv/Jam »

Lie in Our Graves

Also Sprach Zarathustra »

Ants Marching


Typical Situation

I'll Back You Up

Two Step


One Sweet World

Jimi Thing »

The Maker

Pay for What You Get

Dancing Nancies

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