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Dave Matthews Band - Flood Zone, Richmond, VA - March 10, 1993

This is a show that I have discovered only recently (yes, shame on me). I have wondered how DMB would sound with a percussionist. Miguel Valdez was a percussionist who was friends with the band back in 1992 and would occasionally fill in on percussion. In early 1993, he passed away and the band held three (3.7.93, 3.9.93, 3.10.93) benefit shows in his name (source: DMB Almanac). This is the show #3, with Ernesto Laboy (a percussionist who has played also with Bruce Hornsby), and Tim Reynolds guesting.I was thrilled when I realised how much different those tunes sounded with Laboy's percussion. Listen for example this version of Rhyme & Reason, arranged in a way you've never heard.

The show was carefully remastered with Logic ProX, working on stereo image, depth, EQ, and some light compression. A second processing work has been done with iZotope RX9, removing all diginoise, clicks and other issues of the DAT recording. Then it was processed again on LogicProX to add some final punch and a bit of loudness. 


Dave Matthews Band

March 10, 1993

Flood Zone

Richmond, VA

(Miguel Valdez Benefit)

Source: DSBD

Taper: Unknown (DAT sourced from Eric Phipps)

Mastering: Xcacel


One Sweet World


Rhyme & Reason

All Along the Watchtower

Jimi Thing

Pay for What You Get

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This Pfwyg is also quite strong, but the LT 5 version is still my absolute favorite.

But I would also say that you hear the band "differently" here. Different good.


Leo DG
Leo DG
May 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

My new favorite version of Pay for What You Get (together with Dave and Carter’s one): Tim absolutely kills it.

Also the combination of Carter and Laboy is wonderful, and gives the song a sense of warmth and fullness. I love it

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