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Dave Matthews Band - December 8, 1993 - Flood Zone, Richmond, VA

This is a special remaster for the 30th anniversary of this show, which was the last regularly scheduled Wednesday night Flood Zone show (the band at that time had performed every Wednesday night at the Flood Zone for about two years).

This show was recommended in the TDC discord chat

"12/8/93 is an all timer. The Minarets outro is bananas, Carter and Tim jamming before Ants is also hot. Not to mention everything else, what a setlist".

Remastering notes:

This is a remaster of the'93 Soundboard which was converted Scott Linemeyer.

In remastering process the excessive stereo spread was fixed. Then I have worked on EQ, compression (Shadows Hill Class A compressor) and limiting. I have also used Oxford Inflator to achieve a fuller sound.

I asked Matt (DMB41GUY) to help me to fix a big drop in Seek Up. He worked out his magic and now it's like the drop never existed. Great job, dude!

Note: some tunes (Tripping Billies) have a lower quality, we couldn't fix that.


Dave Matthews Band

December 8, 1993

Flood Zone, Richmond, VA

Source: SBD

Mastering: Xcacel

Splitting: Fission by Rogue Amoeba

MP3 Conversion: xACT

The Song That Jane Likes

Tripping Billies

One Sweet World


Dancing Nancies

True Reflections

Say Goodbye

I'll Back You Up


Seek Up

Christmas Song



Ants Marching

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Perfect appreciation of this great set. Thanks Xcacel, I wrote something more detailed in the forum.

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