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Coming Next...Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO - 2.17.97

Still basking in the glow of the success of 1996's Crash, Dave Matthews could have used the first few months of 1997 for some well deserved time off. However, Matthews joined his longtime collaborator Tim Reynolds for another Winter Tour. The duo packed small venues during their first acoustic tour in early 1996, and this time embarked on an even more ambitious jaunt with 29 shows.

Of those, only 6 were performed in the West, beginning with a two-night swing at Denver's historic Paramount Theatre. Built in the 1930s, the building's art deco stylings create a facade that resemble that of a cathedral. Dave Matthews Band had previously played the venue in 1993 and 1994, interestingly as part of a local radio station's annual charity auction. On this visit, the audience would be the recipients of the good graces of Dave and Tim.

A seasonably warm day greeted those who packed into the theater on Monday, February 17. Indeed, a raucous crowd was on hand for the singer-songwriter that was quickly becoming a fixture on mainstream radio. While much of the country wouldn't be enlightened to the duo's powerful performances for another two years with the release of Live at Luther College, this particular concert was widely known by DMB fans as a bootlegged recording sold in independent record stores in the late 90s.

Now, for the first time, DMB Remasters has meticulously went through this gem of the 1997 Dave and Tim Winter Tour, so we can enjoy it as it was originally heard 26 years ago. So have your ticket ready, you're next in line, grab your drink and a snack, and take your seat at Denver's Paramount Theatre. The show is about to begin...

This new Remaster will be available during the weekend

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Stumbling upon his site has been like striking gold. Can't wait. Thank you!

Replying to

Brilliant. Big thanks Jamie and Matt!


Jun 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I've listened to a sample of djamieb's remaster, and this is going to blow out. Simply excellent

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